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Pink Fashion Ninja created by the awesome blogger April Jackson, has been on my reading radar for quite some time. When I first started looking at blogs, there were specific ones I was looking for, and it was for people blogging about living in Korea and their everyday life there. Because if you couldn't already tell, I LOVE the Asian culture, including everything from their food to their fashion style. In fact, my ultimate dream is to live/work there and travel around Korea writing about my adventures while also promoting the cultural side of it! Through this site I get to explore via April, the culture  and an foreigners experience living in Korea.

 What's so enjoyable about this site is that April speaks to her audience as if she's right in front of you. Whether she's talking about the latest BIGBANG music video or SNSD's style from their latest release "I Got a Boy." There's no doubt in my mind that she's loving Korea and pours that love into her blog. Not only does she talk about K-Pop and her everlasting love for Rain(!) but also the fashion side of that world to include her own. Plus she's freaking hilarious and a very honest person, which is refreshing in the blogging world!

IMG_9093 Hmm....what can I say about Fashiononymous that anyone else who's been to her blog hasn't said already. First off I would probably wear everything she herself has worn, which is a rare thing, because with most fashion bloggers I tend to like maybe one or two items they wear. But Zoe Suen is another matter. Her clothes are always comfortable and stylish looking, never being too overdone or complicated. Comfortable is my middle name (personal bit here) I won't wear anything that isn't comfy. Hehe. Secondly Zoe's style always looks so effortlessly put together, it's like she's not even trying. The simplistic yet well put together outfits never go overboard, which is key in fashion. Check out her blog today to see even more of her awesome outfits.

Sorry guys this post is so short, kinda lost my blogging momentum this week. BUT I will be getting it back shortly! Trust me :) Stay tuned for Wishlist # 2 post and more coming soon.

Photo Credit: Pink Fashion Ninja & Fashiononymous

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