Just like possible every other woman (girl!) on the planet I'm obsessed with Pinterest. I could sit at the computer all day and click the "Like" and "Pin" buttons and do nothing else. Hehe. So I thought why not post some of my Pinterest pins for you guys.

My Wishlist
I love bedazzled and embellished collars makes it look more feminine and classy.

I believe this is from Yesstyle, it's so ladylike.

I've been looking for a skirt like this forever!

Love anything with bows!
This is just too cute and girly.

Such a beautiful look.

Like I said love bows!

In the future possible buy :)

My newest obsession is watches and this one would be the perfect fit for me.

This would look awesome with an all black outfit!

Big fan of colored suede heels.

My favorites out of theses would have to be the print and studded loafers.

Such an exquisite dress!
Such a sweet look.

I like then tan clutch the best.

Sorry if this was too long for you guys. So how many of you use Pinterest?? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Photo Credits: Pinterest


  1. Hope your wish come true ! But it will looks weird if a non Asian wears it. Anyway you still can try it out see how it turns out.

    1. Your talking about the "girly outfit" right? And thanks :)

  2. i like your wishlist ! keke. and thanks for commenting on one of my blogposts ^^


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