I'm in Love...

With CNBLUE!! They freakin blew me away with their latest album called Re:Blue.
This album made me a full-blown fan. I've listened to a couple of their past hits but nothing really stuck with me until I heard "I'm Sorry" & "Where You Are." No joke! These guys are extremely talented. I read an article from Allkpop that CNBLUE's leader/lead vocal Younghwa, composed and penned a majority of the songs, not only him but the other 3 guys as well. Which is just wonderful! I'm liking that more and more K-Pop idols are composing and writing their own material. It shows not only their abilities as lyricists but showcases to the audience the artist's personal feelings and emotions. Younghwa has that special talent of singing songs in different genres with no problem. Not a lot of idols can do that which is why I applaud his skills.  According to Allkpop they achieved an all-kill on all the major charts, so it doesn't look like they'll be slowing down anytime in the near future. Enjoy the videos and check out their new album in stores now!

 "I'm Sorry"

 "Where You Are" (Japanese ver)

English ver.

 P.S. I'm going to be starting a new weekly segment dealing with my favorite bloggers and fashion so be looking for that in the future!

Here's a lil bonus from Re: Blue

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