Song of The Moment~TVXQ~Catch Me

Don't these guys looks so sharp & spiffy in their suits. Let me say that as a newer fan I didn't think TVXQ could pull off being a duo, but after listening to this song and parts of their previous album, they're on a roll and not looking to stop anytime soon. Literally after listening to this song I started dancing around my house singing along (as much as my limited Korean would allow!) I even made up my own ridiculous moves by incorporating the ones they did from the music video. Now that was a sight to see since I wouldn't be considered a good dancer. Hehe. Whatever TVXQ comes out with next this fan will be watching and waiting for it. So to end this any TVXQ fans out there?? How did you like their now past comeback? And as always thanks for visiting this blog and enjoy!

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