Do you wanna be.. just follow...

Those are the first words that you hear in "Wanna Be" off of Block B's Do U Wanna Be? album and ever since then I've been a follower. I could take this entire post and just gush about these guys but since I've already done that before (see Nillili Mambo ) I'm gonna refrain from more endless gushing! What I really want to talk about is there latest release Blockbuster. I'm not gonna go through ever song (so don't get your hopes up!) but what I will do is highlight that ones that really stood out to me. Let me tell you this entire album was golden!! It's very rare that I listen to an entire album from the idols, usually just listening to the promotional singles and whatnot. But I took a chance and am soo glad I did! So first off lets talk about "Mental Breaker".

"Mental Breaker"
I love the groovy feel of this song, its just right not too overdone and just chill. One of the best parts is the chorus, hearing Taeil sing is a pure fan squeal moment. I find myself just singing "Mental Breeeeeeeeaker" over and over again.

"No Joke"
Now "No Joke" is probably my favorite beside "Nillili Mambo". It's the perfect song to showcase both Kyung, Zico, and P.O's rap skills. I think it's the only song on the album that's purely in the hip-hop/rap form where it's just all about the rapping.

"Movies Over"
Every time this song comes one, I always imagine hearing this live and wanting to put up my hands in the air and just sway to the music. I don't know why but this is so made to be performed live. I bet it would be just beautiful to listen to. Hearing Zico sing and I mean really sing for the first time was wonderful! You wouldn't think he would have a voice as soothing as his singing, but ladies and gents he does!

This is my dance-around-my-room-bobbing-my-head/raising my hands kind of song. It doesn't get any better then that! My favorite part is the "Get ready" part that Zico repeats.

Don't take my word for it, go listen to the album yourself you won't regret it!

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  1. I take it you're a BBC too ? :D block b <3

    1. Yeah how could you tell ;) I didn't realize until recently how much I love them!

    2. i looked through your blog and this isn't your first post on them XD haha. i hope they get through their contract problem soon :3

    3. Me too I would cry buckets of tears if they had to break up the group! Who are your favorites?

    4. i dont really have a favourite :3 i haven't got to know them that well, but I do like their songs :D


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