Outfit of The Day

Hey guys, this is going to be my very first Outfit of the Day post!! I was feeling pretty snazzy in what I was wearing so I decided to do a post. Hope you guys enjoy it :)
 -Now the dress is actually a deep purple-so if it looks dark blue blame the awful lightning instead- and it comes from my favorite online store Yesstyle! I really should have picked a better place to give some more light but it was a spontaneous "Hey I want to do an OTD" shoot, so please forgive me and my brother since he helped. :) This dress is no longer available and I don't know if they'll bring it back but I'm sure you can find it through another store.

-The pumps are from my favorite shoe store Charlotte Russe. I actually buy all my shoes from there, except for things like tennis shoes etc. Always been impressed with the quality and style the company brings forth so they'll always get my services.

-The belt also came from Yesstyle the only problem I have with it, is that its too big for me! Weirdly I thought since most Asian brands have that one size fits all it would be ok since the models have ridiculously tiny waists and I could get away with it. Not true for this belt, its still too large! For some reason when I buy belts they never fit me and I get the smallest size possible but still they won't fit. Isn't that strange. I just might go to the pre-teen/kids section to look for belts for now on haha.

Next time if you guys want to see more OTD's I'll find a better place to shoot with better lightning!

Photo Credit~Love Bug's Obsession


Thank you for taking the time to comment today, I love responding back. I hope you have a lovely day! :)