30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 7

Day 7:
Do You Watch Asian Dramas for Their Storyline, Genre or Actors/Actresses?

When I first got into Asian dramas I would just stick to dramas that included the actors/actresses that were familiar to me. Then based on preferences from my mom or just reading recaps from other bloggers I would chose what to watch. Now I mainly watch for the story lines only. Genres alot of the times can be hit or miss so I never watch anything because its a romantic drama/comedy - which are my faves.  I usually find the sageuks long and boring, but some were really interesting like Rooftop Prince which started during the Joseon period but was fused with modern time or even Princess Man which completely changed my view on sageuks indefinitely. 

I like to think after almost 2 years of watching Asian dramas, though I am nowhere near the record of many other bloggers, I know what types of dramas to watch and what to stay away from. Luckily enough, I haven't watched any truly horrible dramas, some might have started out great and ended on a bad note- Protect the Boss is one that comes to mind- but otherwise they were good.

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