30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 5

                                                                                    Day 5:                        
                            WHICH ASIAN DRAMA MADE YOU CRY?

This one was a tough one to write about. I'm not the type who usually gets weepy over anyone or anything - except animals and other cute things- but this particular dramas sapped the life out of me.  Alot of dramas that have a sad essence to them won't make me cry, it usually takes a special kind of drama/character to make it happen for me.

King 2 Hearts 
Never have I been so moved by a drama since Gaksital/Bridal Mask. Never have I been so emotional spent after watching a drama. It nearly took two weeks for me to recover from K2H and that's never happened to me before nor has it since. It is kinda hard to describe the emotions I feel whenever I think about it. It deeply touched me because the characters were written sooo well, you felt every tear, smile, pain,anguish I could go on. It is also the hardest one for me to write about it, since every time I think about it I get nostalgic and sad. I honestly felt like something was wrong with me because how can I feel so much pain over fictional characters, it didn't make sense... still doesn't. As I'm sure most of you who have watched the drama know exactly what I'm referring to. Both the King and Eun Shi Kyung's death hit extremely hard for me. That was the strength of this drama, getting the audience to relate with each character making you love each and everyone. I want to highlight one character out of the drama who was the main reason for me picking King 2 Hearts.

Eun Shi Kyung changed the way I viewed characters because after him, no one could ever come close to stealing and wrecking my heart at the same time. He has got to be one of the most plainest written characters in dramaland but yet the performance in which Jo Jung Suk delivered what might have seemed a boring character to life, was nothing short of spectacular. His lovable-awkward alter ego Eun Shi Kyung was and still is one of the best written fictional characters I've come across. 

The way he views the world in such a innocent way really endures you to him, because their aren't many people like him in this world. He only sees the good in people. It was so heartbreaking to see him fall under all the pressures of not only guarding Jae-shin played by Lee Yoon-ji, but the King, and after what his father did it became too much for him to handle. I like that they not only let us see his weak side but the Princess too. He's portrayed as this unflappable character but in this one instant, Shi-kyung could not handle everything and just breaks down. It's a well shot scene because you get to see him reveal all his frustrations and helplessness all at the same time. Jae-shin seeing him is a added bonus because then she feels confident enough it seems to me, to confess her feelings for him. I think she was afraid to tell him because of the tough guy shell he has but when she saw for herself the emotional side of him, then she felt comfortable telling him. I believe the one positive aspect of his death was Jae-shin becoming an even stronger person. I just love that ending scene in the finale episode where she goes back to their place at the wall and talks to the parrot but then the camera spans out and we see she's actually talking to Eun Shi Kyung. It's as if he's still alive and well to her. I love the closure we got between the two characters and even though his death was so sudden and not expected, she was still able to move on with life. I couldn't have asked for a better moment between the two. 

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