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At last Part 3 of my series is here!! I didn't realize how popular it would be so thanks to everyone for inspiring me to keep posting them. This was suppose to be a post about different bloggers but I realized squeezing more in would be unfair. So in today's spotlight is a fashion blogger called Dominique of style2bones.

Love love love Dominique's style. She is extremely gifted with putting together punkish, grunge, simplistic outfits while also being a little eccentric like say incorporating bubblegum slimy tights into a outfit. The thing that makes her shine from other bloggers is that not only does she seem extremely nice but Dominique never comes across as trying too hard just to be talked about. Everything you see is her own personal style. Her outfit posts that revolve around graphic tees are my favorites because the tees will be something loud and obscene but the rest of the wardrobe is simple, letting the shirt speak for itself. I just wish I could raid her closet and have the guts to pull off her style.

Sugar, Spice, and everything Nice

I grew up watching the Powerpuff Girls and to see them made into this awesome dress brought back memories of the cartoon. Each girl was cool but Bubbles was my favorite (and coincidentally just like me) not only is she adorable but she can be feisty when needed.

I am not a morning person

Haha one of my favorite posts from her. I am NOT a morning person either, so I really should look into getting one of these shirts. I consider myself to be like Grumpy from Cinderella, hey I even have a night shirt with him on it!

Take It Easy

 Simple but I like how comfortable it looks.

Now all your love is wasted, then who the hell am I?

I had to post this one because her headline is lyrics to a great song called "Skinny Love" by Bon Iver. All you Vampire Diaries fans out there might remember this song from John Gilbert's funereal. Anyhoo I like the swan design on the leggings it really makes the outfit pop and not stay boring.

Meow Top

The mesh meow top is super cute. The outfit I love mainly because Dominique's inclusion of cat accessories.Weirdly enough I'm not a cat person yet, I love looking at fashionable clothes with cat designs on it. I don't know, I couldn't possibly be the only person who does that. Right?

P.S. The post headlines are all her's not mine, I just wanted to show how it relates to her outfits.

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  1. [ Smiles ] Dominique has talent; she definitely knows how to put a stunning outfit together.

    By the way, you have an impressive blog!

    1. Thank you very much :) and thanks for stopping by!


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