30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 8

Day 8:
Favorite Male Character in an Asian Drama
Eun Shi Jyung - best written character I've come across in Kdramaland. Yes he's already been talked about extensively here, but seriously Jo Jung Suk is a phenomenal actor its impossible not to talk about his characters, especially this one. He was the sweet, naive, smart guy who had such strong loyalty for the King and his brother. Nothing else mattered to him but protecting his King and making sure everything was in order. His biggest flaw was that he was too trusting of the world. He had a glass half full mentality that the world was this perfect and loving place until he found out what his father did. And in that moment everything he believed about life came crashing down on him. His faith in Jae Ha and the companionship between the two was a personal favorite of mine. Eun Shi never waned from his trust in the King, not even when Jae Ha doubted himself, En Shi was always there to be that pillar to lean on. They had one of the best bromances I've seen in all my drama-watching. It was a real relationship built on mutual trust and respect. It doesn't get any better than that.



  1. The boy was awesome ^ I just wish I'd like the drama itself more. Or, maybe had the drama featured him as the main character.. :p

    1. He's a big reason I loved the drama. You know he was the lead in "You're The Best Lee Soon Shin" best part of that drama.


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