30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 6

                                                           Day 6:
                      Favorite Asian Drama OST

Yayy for the return of easier posts. I'm extremely sorry it is taking me soo long to do all of these but real life is getting in the way. Now, I'm taking this to mean whole soundtrack of dramas or single songs right? Idk but I feel that I've broken alot of rules already, whats one more. :)
                                                             Hearstrings OST
This has got to be one of my favorite albums to listen from a drama. I had most if not all the songs on my ipod playing on repeat constantly. Heartstrings might not have lived up to all its hype but the music made up for it.

                                                Your Beautiful~Jeremy's Song
My absolute favorite scene/song of "Your Beautiful." The way Jeremy was singing his heart out made me not only upset with Go Mi Nam, but wishing he could sing that song again at a happier time.

                                                             Gaksital OST
This is my favorite OST of all time. It truly brings the essence of the drama to life through the music.
 Secret Garden OST
 This song always made my happy when I heard it. I had to choose just one because this drama had some lovely songs. Makes me miss it even more..

Vampire Prosecutor OST
This was the perfect opening song for Vampire Prosecutor. It really matched the intensity of this awesome drama.

King 2 Hearts
King 2 Hearts had many beautiful songs but this one will always be my favorite. Both this and Lee Yoon Ji's song have a very special place in my heart as this drama does.

I love Oh Doo Ri's character and the fact that she got to sing such a great song was a bonus for me. She totally rocked it!
This man's voice is nirvana, I mean I watched this because of Jo Jung Suk and he never disappoints.

These two characters voices mesh so well together. She has a beautiful voice and his deeper tone compliments it very well.

What can I say its Daesung singing. There is a reason why he is my favorite Big Bang member, his voice is exquisite and has the power to pull you in.

What's Up
I chose these particularly songs because they were not only my favorites but occurred during the best moments of the drama. Unfortunately I couldn't get the one scene with Daesung's character singing "Fame" so I'll just link it here because it is a must see!

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