Song of The Moment~Miss A~Hush


Wow. Two JYP songs of 2013 that I actually liked, this is a record for me. Miss A has always been that girl group that while I knew they existed and listened to a couple of their songs, didn't really give much attention to them. With "Hush" they popped up on my radar again.

This song is very addictive. At first, I thought it was pretty mediocre but after finding myself humming the tune throughout the day I realized how good it really is. The buildup is slow which is probably why I wasn't so into it, but its definitely worth the wait. The girls are really talented and I like how each member has her own well deserved spotlight during the video. They are fierce and sexy all at the same time and never once overdo it. The choreograph was simple but had a Miss A stamp on it. From watching their previous works, they never go too hard with their dances but just add enough sultriness to make it worthwhile. Cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us in the future. Enjoy!

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